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HCM receives grant for OB expansion, renovation

We at the Foundation for HCM are honored to share that The Cailloux Foundation has recently made the largest single donation from a living donor to HCM to date. This $1.5 Million gift will provide for the expansion and renovation of the HCM Obstetrics (OB) Department. The HCM Women’s Pavilion will be renamed the Kathleen C. Cailloux Birthing Center in honor of the support and generosity of The Cailloux Foundation.

Many of our community members have asked why the Foundation has decided to take on this project. With a projected six percent increase in the number of women of childbearing age in this area by 2020, coupled with the current HCM OB Department already operating at or near capacity, the expansion and renovation of the HCM OB Department is paramount now more than ever. We are overjoyed to have more young families settling in this area to raise their young children, and with that growth we too must expand in order to meet the new demands.

The expansion and renovation of the HCM OB Department will increase the number of LBRP (Labor, Birthing, Recovery, Postpartum) rooms from four to eight suites, constructing four brand new suites and providing cosmetic makeovers for the four existing suites. This will provide patients and families with a more seamless experience at the OB Department. Patients will be able to stay in their room for their entire stay and do so in a more home-like atmosphere.

Our plans also call for the four new LBRP suites to be outfitted with hydrotherapy tubs for prelabor comfort. This helps expectant mothers alleviate discomfort naturally, all while staying in their suite. Additional amenities such as healing artwork, flexible storage options, and multi-functional furniture (seating/sleeping) will provide a welcoming and calming environment.

We strive to keep our health care here, always. This would not be possible without the unwavering support of the communities we serve and the generosity of The Cailloux Foundation and other donors who made the dream of the expansion and renovation of the HCM OB Department possible.

As a not-for-profit, non-tax-supported hospital, HCM relies on the support of the community to ensure health care here, always. To learn more about the Foundation for HCM and ways to give, visit or call (830)997-1297.

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