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Outstanding OB Care Close to Home

As a mom of two, Afton Hominick has relied on Hill Country Memorial at all ages and stages, from labor and delivery to imaging and emergency care.

In 2013 Afton was an excited expectant mom—and then the unexpected happened.

“When my water broke two months early, I was panicked by the unknown,” she said. “HCM was with me every step of the way.”

Her first daughter was about to make an early debut. Afton’s physician, nurses and staff at Hill Country Memorial responded with attentive care and professionalism that exceeded her expectations.

From labor to delivery to newborn care, Hill Country Memorial was there for Afton for the births of both of her daughters, and it meant so much to her and her family to have exceptional care so close to home.

“I am thankful that we don’t have a long drive for top-notch care,” she said. “The personal level of care at HCM provides peace of mind.”

Looking back, Afton cannot speak highly enough about the labor and delivery nurses who so passionately love their jobs, even noting that the same nurse helped deliver both of her daughters more than two years apart.

That level of care, that personal connection, ensures remarkable obstetric care for generations.

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