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3D Mammography

Modern, Feminine Breast Care

3D Mammography Has Arrived

Your partner in breast health has a new instrument to fight breast cancer. The latest digital mammography technology is now available at Hill Country Memorial for the community.

What this means for you

  • Fewer repeat scans (15-40% less) for additional testing, which reduces patient anxiety and costs

  • Improved imaging for dense breast tissue decreases the need for additional diagnostic imaging

  • A 40% increase in detection of invasive breast cancers

  • A 27% increase in detection of all breast cancers

Clearer Images—the First Time

3D technology captures images of the breast from different angles to produce a highly accurate picture. This allows radiologists to see smaller cancers with much more detail than a traditional 2D mammogram. That means more cancers found and fewer repeat scans.

Who should get a mammogram?

  • 40+ It’s a must! Physician referral for annual screening exam not required unless you are symptomatic.

  • <40 If you have symptoms or have a family history of breast cancer, see your doctor for a referral.

  • 60+ Keep getting your annual mammograms. Age is the second greatest risk factor for getting breast cancer.

  • Annual well woman check-ups including a physical exam by your doctor and monthly breast self-exams are your best tools for preventing breast cancer.

Reward Yourself

Even with the best technology, it is a challenge to ensure that women get the mammograms they need. More than 5,000 women in Gillespie County alone do not get their mammograms every year.

Beginning in 2015, a new initiative will reward women who receive a mammogram with a little shopping. The PINK CARD, a card with discounts from local retailers, will be given to women as our thanks for staying healthy.

Pink Card

HCM Breast Center Amenities

  • Screening results ready within 6 business hours*
  • 5-star patient ratings and reviews
  • Spa-like robes and with complimentary toiletries
  • Comfort pads upon request
  • More than 45 years combined mammography experience with an all female staff
  • Complimentary coffee and tea in waiting area
  • Most insurance plans accepted

*based on patient volume

Peace of Mind

HCM holds a monthly Breast Conference of medical professionals who review every breast biopsy case done at HCM.