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Breast Center

Make a Difference- Forever Grateful

2008-2011: HCM Cancer Resource Center and HCM Breast Center

"Today, cancer doesn’t define my life. It has refined me to make me a better person. My dream is that early detection and prevention will allow for my daughters and other young women not to have to travel down this path.” —Donna McMahon

The 2007 Friends of the Hospital Gala XII provided funds for a digital mammography unit for the HCM Breast Center and seed money for the build-out of the Cancer Resource Center (CRC), with each opening in 2008. In addition, the community provided more than $50,000 from the HCMH Foundation’s year-end appeal to supply equipment and materials for the CRC. The HCM Breast Center received additional funding from two year-end appeals and a transformational gift that made the purchase of a second digital mammography unit possible.

HCM Cancer Resource Center: Opening in April 2008, the Health, Hope & Healing Cancer Resource Center is not about medicine. It's about supplying patients, family members and community members with the information and power they need to make informed choices. The CRC utilizes volunteers to help visitors take full advantage of the center’s wide array of resource materials including education about the disease, support and various tools for coping with cancer.

HCM Breast Center: Opening in August 2008, the 1,810 square-foot center performs about 5,000 mammograms in a year. HCM reports about 50 new cases of breast cancer a year from our area, which makes it critical to stay on the leading edge of technology to provide the community with the very best. The Breast Center is the newest part of a larger, comprehensive and multidisciplinary breast-health program, a coordinated approach to detection and management of women’s health issues.

An additional generous gift from the Brunes, presented at the grand opening of the Brune Professional Building, made possible the purchase of new state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment.

Then in 2011, gifts from Harlan and Dian Stai and the Perry and Ruby Stevens Charitable Foundation enabled HCM to purchase new stereotactic breast equipment.