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Create Healthy with CEO Jayne Pope

Healthy Selfies

Emily stays hydrated during a ride on the Willow City Loop.
Wyatt snacks healthy at Mimi’s.
Volunteers encourage emotional wellness by arranging flowers for HCM Hospice patients.

Anna Marie bikes home after yoga at the Marktplatz.
Sophie sips a fresh-made juice.
Gina spins in style!

Dawn and Lainey enjoy water skiing on Lake LBJ.
Vicki takes the steps at the library in kerrville.
Carson’s ready for the 4-h district food challenge.

Kathryn enjoys yoga on the rock.
Jodie snacks healthy at work.
Cari achieves the crow pose.

The Renos make the FBG Farmer’s Market a family affair.
Monica walks her dog at Enchanted Rock.
Theresa works the elliptical machine at the Wellness Center.

Jessica strengthens with weights.
Lauren stays active through softball.
April stays cool and fit at the Wellness Center pool.

Carrie working out on the TRX
Dr. Gildersleeve
Pat and Jim Partin

Angela and Hannah working out together
Carlynn working out on the TRX
Dr. Romanick

Dr. Murray