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Create Healthy with CEO Jayne Pope

Stay Healthy

Preventing and managing chronic conditions through nutrition and activity are no small tasks. To accomplish them, the HCM Wellness Center offers diabetes nutrition education and comprehensive fitness facilities with certified trainers. Additionally, the HCM nutrition services team helped launch Por Vida, a partnership with the Gillespie County Health Department and Fredericksburg restaurants to offer healthy menu options.

Nutrition education programs are also provided by HCM in Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Blanco and Boerne through the WIC program for women, infants and children.

By partnering with Good Samaritan Center and Frontera Clinic, HCM is helping increase access to health care for uninsured residents.

HCM now offers a no-cost employee health and wellness program as part of a three-year, state-funded grant program. The Salud for You health screening program helps under-served employees and owners of Gillespie County businesses maintain a healthy workforce.

The Ride of His Life

Cuyler Smith Staying Healthy

Cuyler Smith works at the HCMH Foundation and bikes about 20 miles a day, to and from work, rain or shine. He says the 40 minute bike ride each way, gives him time to take in the beautiful Hill Country scenery at a much more appropriate speed than driving. Now his workday commute is actually enjoyable and the exercise workout is an added benefit.

Additionally, Cuyler and his wife are on a journey to healthier eating. The couple avoids processed food and refined sugar in their diet and chooses organic where possible. He suggests you take a stroll down the grocery aisle and read the labels and know what’s actually in your food! "Don't get distracted by the somewhat misleading names manufacturers assign to refined sugar. It is surprising just how prevalent refined sugars are in our daily diets, even in foods and beverages that you wouldn't suspect", said Cuyler.

The couple reports feeling more energetic and much healthier now that they are eating organic foods and avoiding refined sugars or processed foods in their meal planning. While strapping on his bike helmet, he adds some parting advice, "On the journey to better health, please enjoy the ride, because it’s totally (and naturally) sweet!"