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HCM Fall Prevention Program

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A fall is one of the most common reasons for hip fractures and hospitalizations, and repeated falls are a primary reason for transitioning someone out of the home into a care facility.

To reduce such injuries and keep people safe at home, Hill Country Memorial and Fredericksburg Fire EMS launched the Fall Prevention Program.

The Fall Prevention Program:

  • identifies individuals who are at risk of falling in their homes
  • connects individuals with physical therapy services at home or through the HCM Rehab Center
  • improves safety in the home
  • reduces the reliance on emergency services
  • prevents falls and fall-related injuries

When someone calls 9-1-1 to request assistance after a fall, or when someone enters the HCM emergency room with fall-related injuries, he or she will be given the opportunity to receive a fall risk assessment by an HCM physical therapist.

During the assessment, a physical therapist reviews any balance and strength issues, suggests ways reduce fall risks, and recommends further individualized care by the HCM Rehab Center or HCM Home Care.

Together, Hill Country Memorial and Fredericksburg Fire EMS empower people to live safely in their homes.

For more information call the HCM Rehab Center at (830) 997-1357 or use the links below to learn more about HCM Home Care and the HCM Rehab Center.

HCM Rehab Center
HCM Home Care