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HCM Screening Programs

Salud for You

Salud for You

Hill Country Memorial's Good Health Program

Taking care of business.

Employers, you work hard to make sure your business works hard.

Your employees are a vital part of that mission. The hours they contribute keep the lights on, the shelves stocked and the customers happy. In many ways your workforce is your most valuable asset. Take care of it.

Take care of your human capital by making sure your employees know their health status for things like blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and more.

Hill Country Memorial’s Salud for You is a cost-effective, convenient way for your employees to get all annual screenings on-site in about half a day. By investing a small amount per employee, you can keep your workers healthy—and get back to business.

Salud for You

A Hill Country Memorial nurse administers a health assessment in Spanish and English online or on paper, per each employee’s preference. Then the employees receive the following screenings based on gender and age:

  • Mammogram breast cancer (Women 40-49 annually, 50-74 biannually)
  • Ankle brachial index to check for peripheral arterial disease (Men & Women)
  • Diabetes (Men & Women)
  • Hypertension (Men & Women)
  • HIV (Men & Women)
  • Alcohol abuse (Men & Women)
  • Lipid disorders like high cholesterol (Men & Women)
  • Group nutritional consultation/Intensive behavioral dietary counseling for adult patients with hyperlipidemia and other known risk factors for cardiovascular and diet-related chronic disease

A nurse takes each employee’s medical history and administers the exams. From the information gathered, a summary report is created and recommendations are given to the employee. The nurse also provides case management support for any needed follow-up services.

Employees who complete the screenings are given a one-year membership to the Hill Country Memorial Wellness Center.

For more information contact Dawn Bourgeois at (830) 997-1355.