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HCMH Foundation

Wills Clinic

Wills Clinic

The importance of making a will and safeguarding one’s final wishes is presented at the annual fall wills clinic, There are multiple identical sessions offered, each lasting about two-and-a-half hours. Anyone interested in updating, creating or learning about wills is welcome to attend.

This service is offered to the community free of charge. Local attorneys volunteer their time to teach the clinic, and each attendee receives a packet of information related to the topics, including: an overview of wills, current developments in estate and tax planning, Medicare, Medicade and Power of Attorney.

Provide and Protect books are provided to participants or to anyone requesting a free copy. The Provide part shows you how to make good decisions to help your family. With a good plan you can avoid an accidental disinheritance and leave your family the gift of peace. The Protect part explains how you or a family member can make important medical decisions. If you are very ill or have a major medical problem, there are ways to protect you and your property.

The HCMH Foundation sponsors the event as a public service to the community. Call (830) 997-1297 for more information or to request a book.