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HCM Wound Healing


We use different types of cleaning techniques, including debridement and lavage, to remove dead tissue and eliminate exposure to bacteria.

Once your wound is clean, we apply one or more of our advanced therapies for healing:

  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy: We apply a vacuum dressing to the wound that increases blood flow around the wound and reduces the fluid in it. This therapy can be used intermittently or consistently and can last from a few days to a several months depending on the severity of your wound.

  • Compression Therapy: This approach improves blood circulation and reduces edema, or swelling, using bandages, stockings or pumps, depending on the nature of your wound. This therapy can lower the time it takes for your wound to heal.

  • Total Contact Casting: Often used to treat diabetic foot ulcers, total contact casting uses a non-removable cast to take pressure off of your wound. This approach can take six to eight weeks, and the cast is replaced on a weekly basis. Total contact casting is the gold standard of wound care as it protects your wound and prevents the formation of new wounds.

  • Skin Substitutes: Using this therapy, our physician applies biological tissue to facilitate new skin growth. This tissue resembles human skin in structure and function. A wound may require the use of skin substitutes if if does not show signs of healing with standard wound care.

Healing Time

Our goal is to heal your wound as quickly as possible, and you are an important part of your wound healing team. Your healing time will depend on the nature of your wound and on our partnership. Don’t put off your healing. Call us.