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Average rating across all services.

   4.8 / 5

   5 / 5

Five star treatment all around.

I cannot not find 50 words without repeting myself 49 times. Everything was top drawer from patient check in to all of the staff in the outpatient department. I did not meet any employee regardless of title that was not A +

carlitos · Fredericksburg, TX · Sep 22, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Always caring and wanting to do their best.

Staff always very friendly yet professional. Explained everything to my satisfaction!

Kris · Kerrville, TX · Sep 14, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5



baba · FREDERICKSBURG, TX · Sep 14, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Overall great care - as always! Very caring nurses and staff.

Kris · Kerrville, TX · Sep 14, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

My experience was excellent

Everyone was very kind and caring. The volunteers and registration were great. They made you comfortable and were very kind. The outpatient department was fantastic. The nurses were kind and explained everything they were doing. The anesthestist (msp) and doctor were also very kind and informative. I had a very pleasant experience at HCM. Thanks to all....................Becky

Becky · Kerrville, TX · Sep 06, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

My experience at the Breast Center was exceptional

The staff at the Breast Center are very caring and compasionate. The facility is very up to date, clean and accomodating.

howdygirl · Fredericksbrug, TX · Sep 06, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

From the moment I called to make an appointment to the moment I walked out the door with information I needed, I felt valued and very important to each staff member. I was treated like I was the only person they took care of all day, and I know that was not the case. Every step was well explained without treating me like I was unintelligent. I was just treated with kindness, tenderness, and complete friendly professionalism. MOST impressive.

Fedder · Fredericksburg, TX · Sep 05, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Everyone was exceptional. They explained everything thouroughly and talked to me through each step. They were great!

Deb · Junction, TX · Sep 03, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

OR staff was great

I had to go into surgery for removal of an ovary. The pre-op nurse was terrific - she was able to get my IV started the first time (which has been a problem for me many times before). The anesthesiologist was very professional and explained everything very well. One minor glitch was waiting on lab to release my results (I overheard that the specimen was sitting in a box and not tested yet when I as to go into surgery). This caused a delay to start the surgery. My post op nurse was also terrific as she got me ready to go home.

gam · Fredericksburg, TX · Sep 01, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

Response from HCM

Thank you for sharing your experience. We want to hear it all, even the "one minor glitch". Thanks again.
Mark Peterson, Director-Customer Experience

   5 / 5

Everyone was very professional, very caring and personal. This made me feel comfortable, not nervious about why I was at their facility. I have been here before and was given the same professional, caring and personal treatment then. I have recommended this facility to numerious people that are my friends. We are so fortunate to have this wonderful facility in our community! Thanks!!

Hillcountry gal · Llano, TX · Aug 30, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate