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   4.8 / 5

   5 / 5

Excellent care

Checked in for routine (first-time) colonoscopy. Was here two years ago for hip replacement surgery. Both times the quality of care and the staff have been remarkable, especially for a small town. I moved to area from a town of about 125,000+ and the level of care and staff attention here is better than it was in my home town. For my hip replacement surgery I even spoke to a social worker about a matter related to my post-surgery care and was surprised at her professionalism and took her recommendations. On my previous visit, power was interrupted by high winds & staff responded well.

biggmaxx · Mar 28, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   4 / 5

My experience in the outpatient depart. was excell

I was made totally comfortable . I was made totally comfortable. All who attended to my care were professional and competent in their defferent rolls. a

dagb · Mar 27, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   2 / 5

long wait for head injury,misdiagonsed fracture ft

concern re "triage"; i would've thought head injury/obvious concussion would preceed someone with URI symptoms. waited almost 45 minutes before a nurse who recognized me, called me back. second, i couldn't put weight on my foot..... "no fracture/break"; "it's ok"...... no further treatment recommendation..... 1 week later, went to ortho dr. "fractured". lots of bills yet to pay for this disappointing experience. i looked at my own x-ray one week later, and saw the obvious.

mskitty · Mar 26, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   4 / 5

I would give 5 stars if.....

...... there had been those wonderful, cheerful cartoons at the Outpatient Registration cubicles, like there used to be. Otherwise, the people - everyone - treated me very well and I was in and out in a smooth, efficient manner. It's just that those cartoons add a touch of something unique that cause a chuckle, and humor goes a long way. This particular rating has to do with my visit for lab work only.

TexasArtist1 · Mar 26, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   4 / 5

I actually like to exercise at HCM Rehab!

After seeing the great results my husband had from being a cardio exercise patient here I joined. I am doing the heart health exercise and enjoying the experience. The staff here is amazing!

QB89 · Mar 26, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   1 / 5

I received a large bill from the ED Physician

Your hospital was in my network according to my insurance. I received a huge bill from the ED Physician group. My insurance did pay some, but the physician was not in the network. No one in the ED brought this to my attention or I would have left promptly. This will definitely influence my perception of your hospital and I will warn as many people as possible to make sure they are covered before they go to your hospital. I consider this extremely poor service since most of us folks are already struggling as i'm sure your hospital is. I sure hope this is not considered derogatory; it is a true statement.

MRRI · Mar 24, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

The Cardiac Rehab Center is a fun place to go to.

The staff is knowledgeable, caring, friendly and fun'. They make exercise.easier to go to early in the morning. They have good communication with my doctors. I will and have recommended this excelent service.

Kath · Mar 24, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Our radiology tech was fantastic. I know it can be difficult to work with a 2 year old patient, but she did a great job interacting with not only my daughter, but my husband and myself also! We were in and out in a matter of minutes!

momX3 · Mar 24, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Zumba class was fun - group fitness

first time to take a Zumba class and it was fun - maybe after a few times going i will actually learn the moves. Thought maybe there could have been a couple more minutes between each zumba excercise/song, but other than that - i look forward to going to the next one

lovinglife · Mar 24, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Quick and excellent service.

I checked in thru the new checkin and was hastily taken to have My Ct scan done. Tech explained the procedure, promised it would not hurt and it didn't. Everything was done in a very friendly professionsl manner...I will be back if I need any of their services again.

shirleyjs · Mar 21, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate