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   4.8 / 5

   5 / 5

excellent care. good experience despite dreading t

It was an excellent experience, which was amazing because I was dreading the procedure. I came away so impressed by the care and the professionalism of the staff in the outpatient department. My only critique is that sometimes I feel I am being "sold' something at the hospital these days... it's like being at the Lexus car dealership now when they fall all over themselves to help and then tell you they need you to have had a good experience so that you will give them a good review so that they will excel in their ratings among other competing dealerships.'s a little over the top, but I guess (?) it is necessary? It truly is important to get everyone aware to how much you (HCMH) care and want to be the best. It just feels a little bit over the top sometimes.

pony · Mar 21, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Friendly and professional service

I was truly impressed with the quality of the service and the impressive facility. Everyone was exceptionally friendly and professional.

Maryc · Mar 16, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Friendly, Competent, Professional

HCM was superior in explaining the steps of the procedure so the patient knew exactly what to expect. They thoroughly and patiently answered all questions. The staff was competent and professional, as most medical employees are, but they also had a degree of friendliness and empathy that is not commonly experienced in a hospital. I was also impressed at how smoothly the process went as each individual assumed his/her duties in doing the next step -- as the old saying goes -- no mess, no feathers.

mkcb · Mar 05, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   4 / 5


I was quite ill with a sinus infection, so I just wanted to register and get my x-rays done so I could get home. It was the end of the day, so I expected to wait. I wish people would communicate better. My doctor indicated the department would close and I was concerned I would have to come back. Only one person was registering. All I needed was a little reassurance that I would be able to get my x-rays done. The technician was very nice and things moved smoothly once I got to the department.

cbj611 · Mar 04, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Always friendly and helpful!

Checked in for x-rays using new registration system at main admissions area. Very friendly and efficient. Virtually no wait at x-ray and very professional technician. Breezed in and out.

RJSHOES · Mar 04, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

This is a five star hospital *****

Hill Country Memorial Hospital has small town friendliness paired with topnotch medical expertise.

HEALTHY73YEAROLD · Mar 03, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

It could not have been better

Everyone was kind, professional, and skilled. The procedure went just as they said it would.

Heydad · Feb 03, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

The Best!!!!!!

i have been an Inpatient and have used out patient services over the last years. i have also spent time as in patient in large city hospitals. I will take Hill Country Memorial any day of the week. The relationship between staff ( from bottom to the top) is friendly, caring, concerned, and always professional. I don't see you you could get better care.

retiredbear · Gillespie · Jan 25, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

The Wellness Center is exemplary inall areas!

My husband and I are members of the Wellness Center. We joined when we came ot live here permanently in 2006. This facility is excellent in so many ways. The management and staff are constantly implementing into the schedule the most current exercise programs and models of exercise. The variety of classes and the availibility of machines and equipment is consistently being upgraded. The wonderful, knowledgable, and friendly staff and atmosphere make it a joy to stay healthy!!

pinky · Fredericksburg · Jan 22, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5


There's a wide array of choices. Swimming, weight-lifting, cardio, classes.... it's all available. And the Odwalla drinks are a nice touch!

OdwallaRocks · Fredericksburg · Jan 13, 2011     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate