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I will avoid this facility at all costs going forward.

I went in for an annual Well Woman exam. Upon leaving, I was charged a "specialty" copay even though I should not have been. I had not previously used my insurance, so I was initially unaware that I should not have been charged a copay. The only reason that I questioned it is because I overheard the doctor's nurse whisper to the receptionist, "I don't think you're supposed to charge her, but oh well. Go ahead and charge it and if it shouldn't have been charged, we can give her a credit." - This was highly unprofessional. - However, since I did not know at the time, I did not say anything. I just paid the bill. I later called my insurance and confirmed that I should not have been charged. I called the office and had to be transferred at least 6 times before I could reach someone who could assist me in refunding my money. In addition to the wrongfully charged copay, the doctor requested lab work and I was told that I could call the lab beforehand to confirm pricing. I called the lab multiple times, I visited the lab in person, I called registration, I called the office, I called billing, and was transferred to multiple people in all of those departments. Not a single person was able to tell me how much the lab work would cost me. So I contacted my insurance. They told me I would be responsible for a certain percentage of whatever the facility charges them and that I need to determine the cost from the facility... which I was already unable to do. Sure a lot of this can be attributed to the healthcare system as a whole, but at some point the hospital would have to bill me for the labs. So at that point, they would have to determine a price. I don't understand why that price can't be determined in advance. Back to the lady that was able to get me a refund for the wrongfully charged copay.... she stated, "The nurse is supposed to get all of the pricing information for you if it is requested. If she did not, she is just be lazy and not doing her job." So I reached out to the nurse again requesting pricing, again I was denied pricing and she recommended me going to a different facility that is not associated with Hill Country Memorial. I then explained that I was still awaiting my refund on the copay that she whispered to the receptionist about and not once did I get an apology or an acknowledgement for her unprofessionalism. It has been 10 business days and I STILL have not received the money I am owed from the facility. I am overall HIGHLY disappointed.

Chelsea · Llano, TX · Sep 21, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

My experience could not have been better, all staff, doctors and nurses were most caring and were focused on doing a good job and keeping me comfortable.

Willie · Fredericksburg, TX · Aug 09, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Remarkable experience, indeed!

Wonderful, natural hospital birth! So happy with the caring, professionals in the Women's Pavilion labor-delivery. Also thankful for the birthing, newborn and breastfeeding educational classes as well as the indoor swimming pool and massage services at the Wellness Center. Remarkable experience, indeed!!

Emily · Junction, TX · Aug 04, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

I had a minor surgery at Hill Country Memorial hospital. All of the staff were so kind and caring, helped distract me, and were very accommodating. But what really impressed me most was when I started waking up in post op. Tears started running down my face for no reason. Instantly, my post op nurse was by my side and was literally drying my tears for me and gently explained that it is quite normal after anesthesia. That kindness just blew me away. Nurses are amazing gifts from God! I've been using HCMH since I was born and will continue using them for many more years!

rsc · Comfort, TX · Jun 23, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Excellent experience

My son recently started taking swim lessons at the HCM Wellness Center. Everyone has been so friendly and accommodating. His swim instructor is patient and kind. A great experience overall for both mother and child. Fredericksburg is so blessed to have such a nice facility in such a small town.

happymomma · Fredericksburg, TX · Jun 14, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   1 / 5

Nurse was extremely rude

The nurse was extremely rude and made my reason for visit was for something stupid I really didn't appreciate it cause I wouldn't have went for no reason at two o'clock in the morning

Ash · Fredericksburg, TX · Jun 07, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   4 / 5


My colonoscopy was delayed due to another patient not following instructions on eating and drinking before tests. This patient should have been requested to schedule another appointment rather making me wait. In addition, I was told by Doctor Holt that they would call me with there results of the tests on my polyps on Friday. It is Monday afternoon and i still have not received any phone call.

Kent · Fredericksburg, TX · May 29, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5


I would like to thank the entire team of nurses and doctors who provided me care while having my recent colonoscopy procedure. As always the staff made me feel comfortable and provided excellent pre and post procedure care - they are a great group of people.

Majorhoople · Fredericksburg, TX · May 27, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Supportive and calm yet business like

Although I have been to the hospital many times, recently I went with a deal of anxiety that a shot at the top of my spinal column would relieve some daily issues without any added side effects. The registration went so smoothly and swiftly. The outpatient surgery group dealt with my check in and prep in a friendly and yet efficiently way, so there was no feeling of waiting. Of course the procedure staff were as always, supportive, calming, and observant while the short procedure was completed. It is too soon to tell if the shot has done what I wished for but it has helped some. I hope there may be even more results.

Patti · Fredericksburg, TX · May 10, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

My experience @ HCMH was outstanding.

From the moment that I checked in for my outpatient procedure to my discharge everyone was a true professional. The Doctors, Nurses and everyone that I came in contact with were truly caring, friendly and concentrated on seeing that I was comfortable. The explanations that I received for the procedure & the recovery were clear & concise & very easy to understand. I was made to feel at ease at every turn. I would highly recommend this Hospital to anyone for any procedure. Thank you to the great staff!

Mr. Rancher · Fredericksburg, TX · May 01, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate