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   4.8 / 5

   5 / 5


I would like to thank the entire team of nurses and doctors who provided me care while having my recent colonoscopy procedure. As always the staff made me feel comfortable and provided excellent pre and post procedure care - they are a great group of people.

Majorhoople · Fredericksburg, TX · May 27, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Supportive and calm yet business like

Although I have been to the hospital many times, recently I went with a deal of anxiety that a shot at the top of my spinal column would relieve some daily issues without any added side effects. The registration went so smoothly and swiftly. The outpatient surgery group dealt with my check in and prep in a friendly and yet efficiently way, so there was no feeling of waiting. Of course the procedure staff were as always, supportive, calming, and observant while the short procedure was completed. It is too soon to tell if the shot has done what I wished for but it has helped some. I hope there may be even more results.

Patti · Fredericksburg, TX · May 10, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

My experience @ HCMH was outstanding.

From the moment that I checked in for my outpatient procedure to my discharge everyone was a true professional. The Doctors, Nurses and everyone that I came in contact with were truly caring, friendly and concentrated on seeing that I was comfortable. The explanations that I received for the procedure & the recovery were clear & concise & very easy to understand. I was made to feel at ease at every turn. I would highly recommend this Hospital to anyone for any procedure. Thank you to the great staff!

Mr. Rancher · Fredericksburg, TX · May 01, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

Great doctor!

I was able to get a same day appointment which was great! The staff was very nice, the nurse understanding and friendly, and the doctor.took his time to talk to me and explain my problems.

Christie · Kerrville, TX · Apr 27, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

The Best ER Service I've Had

On March 29, 2017, I arrived at the ER after a bicycle fall. I went to the admissions window and was immediately assisted. I was given a relatively short form to complete. After a wait of perhaps five to ten minutes, I was led to an examining room. Within a few minutes, two nurses were assisting me, asking questions and imputing information into the computer. After another five minutes, an M.D. came in and examined me while asking more questions. After that, within ten minutes, an X-Ray technician led me to a room where she took several X-Rays, after which she led me back to the examining room. Within ten minutes the M.D. returned and showed me the digital X-Rays, showing a fracture of my right collarbone. One of the nurses then returned with a sling and written information regarding medication and aftercare. All in all, I suspect it was not much more than an hour from admission to discharge. Every single employee we met was kind, friendly, efficient, informed, and helpful. A quality-control nurse also came by to inquire if I was getting everything I needed. The entire process was nothing less than a model of how ERs should be managed. The M.D. and primary nurse were most impressive. All in all, I was very pleased with the experience. Perhaps most unusual, it was not until the very end that I was asked to provide medical insurance information.

Harv · Oro Valley, AZ · Apr 02, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   2 / 5

Beware the out of network ER provider

I went to the ED with palpitations while I was visiting Fredricksburg. The staff was wonderful and it was a great experience until I received the bill. I had looked to ensure the hospital ER was in network for my insurance, which it was, however when I got the bill it showed that the individual ED physician wasn't. Now i'm stuck with a huge bill for something I had no way of knowing. It was not mentioned to me during registration though I was also a little preoccupied with my sx at the time. If you can, make sure the doctor you are seeing is in network, though in emergent situations you aren't always able to do that. The ER physicians are contracted by the hospital and a completely different group. I contacted my insurance to ensure they updated their registry!

ED visitor · Austin, TX · Mar 21, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5


My Dr. was fantastic and before I left made me feel like I'd known him for years. Can't say enough about my two nurses from my first visit and my second visit to ER . Both nurses very professional but GREAT beside manner.

Ron · Highlan d Village, TX · Feb 27, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   4 / 5

12-30-16 Visit to the emergency room

The Hospital is a very caring place. I couldn't understand my doctor which made the visit less than perfect. He is from another country. I was treated promptly, courteously by the staff. I have to say that my experience with the Hospital has been that it is VERY expensive. Whether it is a simple blood panel to their emergency care, they charge a small fortune. It's a great Hospital and Fredericksburg is lucky to have such a highly rated one. It's the cost that shocks me everytime I get the bill.

Lilacbell · Fredericksburg, TX · Feb 23, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   1 / 5


Went in for chest pain and shortness of breath with a known heart condition. The doctor did not explain anything to me and no symptoms were treated. In fact, I had to ask a nurse to see him. Still nothing was explained. He did not examine me at all. Did not listen to my heart, didn't look at my lymph nodes, my throat he did not lay one had on me or give me any information on anything. It took hours for them to say anything. No one really checked on me even when the machine kept going off. The level of care I received is unexceptable. It was so far below the standard of care that I am honestly blown away. The attitude I got after asking to speak with the doctor was unexceptable. You truly do not care about your patients.

Kasie · Kerrville, TX · Feb 15, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate

   5 / 5

The quality of my care is always outstanding.

My caregivers at HCM in Johnson City are remarkable. They make me feel comfortable and at ease each time I visit. They maintain a professional persona while also exhibiting genuine compassion and concern.

ellenwatermelon · canyon lake, TX · Feb 15, 2017     Helpful? Yes · No · Inappropriate