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Writing guidelines

For the privacy of our staff, please do not include the names of your caregiver/service provider in your review below. Instead, please use such terms as "my nurse", "my doctor", "my therapist" or "my volunteer" to help describe your experience at Hill Country Memorial.

General Internet communication is inherently not secure. DO NOT send data considered confidential or private in nature on this form. (e.g., Social Security Numbers, Diagnosis Information, Credit Card Numbers, etc.)

We cannot publish your review if it contains:

  • personal information (We want to protect your privacy!)
  • specified names of doctors or caretakers (We want to protect the privacy of others!)
  • derogatory statements or use of profanity
  • details about medical costs
  • info about other hospitals and websites
  • Please note that your review may not appear for 72 hours after it has been submitted.

By submitting a review, you acknowledge that your review may be used by Hill Country Memorial in advertisements, on social media or in other marketing materials that could be seen by the public.