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The Renovation and Expansion of the HCM Department of Obstetrics

In 2003, thanks to the generosity of the community and various granting institutions, Hill Country Memorial successfully completed construction of the HCM Women’s Pavilion, making quality obstetrics care available to a continually growing and changing community. The Women’s Pavilion has served the population very well since its grand opening in 2003. However, with ever-changing community birthing needs and current capacity limits being reached on a regular basis, HCM has decided to begin the expansion and renovation of the Department of Obstetrics.

Currently, the Department of Obstetrics (OB Department) has reached its capacity in terms of being able to handle the volumes of patients it sees on a recurring basis and is no longer able to guarantee a private LBRP (Labor, Birthing, Recovery, Postpartum) suite to its patients. Ideally all inpatients would spend their entire stay in the same LBRP suite, rather than having to be transferred between different rooms based on space availability. Furthermore, outpatient visits (antepartum) can be especially challenging for the current facility. For example, the OB Department currently handles about 60-80 outpatients per month, all through a small space that was not designed to handle outpatient needs. In addition to the small size of this space, the makeshift antepartum room lacks a private bathroom, as well as sufficient space to handle more than one antepartum outpatient at a time. In fact, several times a month the OB nursery must be used to handle the overflow outpatient volumes, which is made even more difficult when the nursery is occupied for its intended purpose.

The Renovation and Expansion of the HCM Department of Obstetrics project seeks to meet the challenges of the future by doubling the total number of LBRP suites from four to eight, as well as introducing a new antepartum (prenatal) room to better accommodate outpatient demands. In addition, aesthetic makeovers for the four existing LBRP suites are planned for this project in order to provide a more welcoming and flexible space. The bulk of the expansion involves the conversion of the three existing postpartum rooms into two new LBRP suites coupled with the new construction of two additional LBRP suites, for a total of eight LBRP suites. The conversion from the specialized postpartum rooms to full LBRP suites means women can now stay in the same suite throughout their entire stay at the HCM OB Department, resulting in a much more enjoyable and seamless experience. The four new LBRP suites will be outfit with hydrotherapy tubs for labor comfort purposes, allowing expectant mothers to alleviate any discomfort naturally, all while staying in the same suite. The four existing LBRP suites will be aesthetically refreshed with new healing artwork, a rework of the layout near the windows for more a flexible and versatile arrangement for handling guests, and modification of storage options.

Project Quick Facts:

  • Doubling the size of the LBRP (Labor, Delivery, Recovery, Postpartum Suites) at the hospital, from four to eight suites
  • Will ensure each patient has a private room and will stay in the same room throughout her time there
  • Will renovate current LBRP rooms to have a more “homey” atmosphere
  • The four new LBRP rooms will have hydrotherapy tubs, allowing a more natural approach to delivery.
  • A dedicated outpatient room to care for patients who are not yet in labor.
  • Total cost of project: $2.5M

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