Steering Committee

Steering Committee

  • Penny McBride, Chair
  • Jon Crenwelge, Co-chair and Entertainment
  • Frosty and Susan Rees, Honorary Chairmen
  • Aaron Beeman and Kathy Estes, After Dark
  • Rhonda Martin and Carol Penn, Auction
  • David and Nancy Hardison, Clean-up
  • Jenny Wieser, Communications/Security/Transportation
  • Lara Snyder and Ashley Schrader, Decorations
  • Doug Edwards, Dinner
  • Annette and Bill Tilley, Donor Recognition
  • Aaron and Betsy Cox, Invitations
  • Champe Carter and Mark Peterson, Logistics
  • Margaret D. Collignon and Sherry Rode, Luncheon
  • Estela Avery, Patron Party
  • Karen Gotcher, Patron Party
  • Carol Ann Shepherd, Patron Party and Raffle
  • Sharon Joseph and Jim McAfee, Reservations
  • Shane Dickinson, Technology
  • Jody Donovan, Underwriting
  • Robin Boone, Volunteer Coordinator.